Service and Rates

We offer a wide range of quality service and repair options to help keep your bicycle performing at its best. Before commencing repairs, we will send you a quote for your information and approval. If you have any questions or inquiries, please get in touch.


Flat tyre repair

A flat tyre can happen at any time. Repairing a flat tyre is more involved than just patching the inner tube or inserting a new tube. Identifying the cause of the flat, and ensuring the tyre is correctly reseated and the wheel is safely aligned are essential to the rider’s safety.

  • The cost of repairing a tube or installing a new tube for a quick-release wheel $50 per tyre + parts
  • If we have to torque bolts, adjust chain tension or disengage cables to access the tyre, cost of tube repair/installation $75 per tyre + parts (cargo bicycles not included)
  • Tubeless tyre installation/repair $100 + parts (cargo bicycles not included)
  • How to safely repair a flat tyre 1-hour hands-on session with your bicycle (includes a complimentary quality tyre-lever set) $200

Tier 1 bicycle service

Typically, your bicycle:

  • is regularly serviced (as a guide, on a 3-to-6-monthly servicing interval) and
  • is clean
  • does not require the removal or replacement of worn parts, and/or
  • does not require technical repair and maintenance work
  • only needs a roadworthiness checkup to ensure that all parts are operating safety and efficiently

Tier 1 servicing cost is $100.

Tier 2 bicycle service

Typically, your bicycle:

  • is not regularly serviced (as a guide, servicing intervals exceeding 6 months), and/or
  • may require the removal and installation of a few parts, and/or
  • requires some technical repairs and maintenance

Tier 2 servicing cost is $175 (not including parts).

Tier 3 bicycle service

Typically, your bicycle is:

  • in an obvious state of disrepair, and/or
  • requires a complete overhaul, and/or
  • requires the installation of more than a few parts, and/or
  • requires considerable technical repairs and maintenance

Tier 3 servicing cost is $250 (not including parts). Please note that if your bicycle requires major intervention, a Bronze or Silver bicycle restoration option may be more cost effective (details further below).

Specialist services

The cost of replacing a part and undertaking any necessary technical repair and maintenance work is included in our tiered servicing rates. However, if you prefer that we only focus on a particular area of your bicycle, the following charges apply (the list is comprehensive but not exhaustive):


  • Brake caliper repair and/or installation (cable actuated) $50 + parts
  • Brake bleed (hydraulic models) $75 + parts
  • Hydraulic brake system installation (price does not include shortening hose length) $100 + parts
  • Rotor replacement $50 per wheel + parts


  • Bottom bracket repair/installation $75 + parts
  • Chain degrease, wash and lube $25
  • Chain replacement $50 + parts
  • Crank pedal thread repair $100 (includes parts)
  • Pedal removal/installation $50 + parts
  • Derailleur hanger alignment check & correction $50
  • Derailleur mechanism and/or hanger replacement $50 + parts
  • Gear shifting repair and/or installation (cable actuated) $50 + parts
  • Rear cassette replacement $50 + parts
  • Crank replacement $50 + parts


  • Headset repair and installation $50 + parts
  • Steerer modification $100 + parts
  • Handlebar modification $75 + parts
  • Handlebar tape wrapping $25 + parts
  • Grip removal and installation $25 + parts


  • Hub adjustment (loose bearings only) $50 per wheel + parts
  • Internally geared hub service $100 + parts
  • Wheel repair $75 + parts
  • Wheel build $150 + parts
  • Wheel build (electric motor hub) $200 + parts


  • Bicycle wash, dry and wax $50
  • Seat post modification $50 + parts
  • Installation of privately purchased parts (typically we will only agree to install parts that we cannot supply directly to you):
    • $25 per item or
    • $50 for two or more items 
  • Dynamo lighting installation $100 + parts
  • Removal of seized or damaged parts that require novel intervention techniques and additional time and effort $100 + toolage costs

Bicycle builds

We are happy to safely assemble your bicycle shipped in a box. In fact we recommend it! The following costs apply:

  • Juvenile bicycle $100
  • Adult bicycle $125
  • Electric bicycle (cargo and delivery bikes excluded) $150
  • Tricycle (all types) $200
  • Additional charges may be incurred if mechanical work or modifications are required

    Bicycle restoration projects

    Restoring a bicycle of sentimental value can be a deeply rewarding experience for the owner and their loved ones. We approach the task with a sense of great responsibility, genuine care, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

    We have four flexible restoration options to choose from. We recommend you book an obligation-free appointment with us, so that we can (1) appraise the bicycle’s suitability for restoration and (2) help you make an informed decision based on your budget and objectives.

    BRONZE $499
    • bicycle completely disassembled
    • all mechanical parts cleaned, serviced and reassembled
    • worn, damaged or potentially unsafe parts are flagged for replacement (parts not included in rate)
    • rusted parts treated with rust-inhibitor
    • reassembled bicycle washed and waxed
    SILVER $999 (Most popular)
    • bicycle completely disassembled
    • all mechanical parts cleaned, serviced and reassembled
    • worn, damaged or potentially unsafe parts are replaced (parts that appear to be in good working order will be retained)
    • rust gently removed from affected areas and treated with rust inhibitor
    • reassembled bicycle washed and waxed
    GOLD $1599
    • bicycle completely disassembled
    • all new parts installed (heritage parts in good condition will be retained)
    • reassembled bicycle washed and waxed
    PLATINUM $1999
    • bicycle completely disassembled
    • all new parts installed (heritage parts in good condition will be retained)
    • frame and fork professionally repainted and protected
    • new frame/fork decals professionally applied (subject to availability)

    Consultation and advice

    • $100 per consultation:
      • New bicycle purchase
      • Technical or general advice

    Services not currently offered

    • Shock and suspension service (apart from oiling stanchions and inflating forks and shocks)
    • Repairing or installing tubular tyres (the type that need to be glued or taped onto road bike wheels)
    • Hub bearing repair and/or replacement, requiring a bearing puller
    • Assembly and/or service of cargo and delivery bicycles (your nearest cargo bicycle dealer will have the specialty equipment required to safely hoist and work on the bicycle)
    • Installation and repair of proprietary electronic shifting systems (Shimano, SRAM, etc.)
    • Electrical work in general, other than dynamo-lighting installation
    • Welding and frame repair, other than light fabrication work

       Last updated: 1 November 2023